Our Perception of Reality is Overdue for a Reformation

  1. The state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.

Allow this simple definition to be the premise for the following rant. I have no intention of presenting you with any existential concepts or possibilities. I’m going to keep this extremely simple and base it around the reality that the majority of us are subjected to.

It is crucial that we learn how to identify the difference between human constructs and what is intrinsic in order for us to continue to progress as a species. We have reached a stage where outdated constructs are colliding with modern day ideals, resulting in a large divide among the population.
Our inability to deliberate outside of human conventions will result in our downfall. We all need to accept that all value is sentimental. Not intrinsic. It hurts me to see people in conflict over trivial matters such as how many genders there are. When something is defined by society and/or culture, it is a human construct. It does not matter how much value or importance you place on it, the bottom line is, our species created the concept, which means it doesn’t actually exist. There are no genders.
Do whatever you want to do. The only reason anybody will have a problem with it, is because their idea of social convention is twisted by the human constructs that they accept.

We need to apply this same logic to every aspect of our reality, because atoms and space aside, everything else is merely opinion. The fact that we let these non-existent walls dictate and define everything we do is absolute madness.

Take the human tradition of marriage as another example. Those who follow the teachings of religions that WE CREATED as a species, are trying to influence the Government that WE CREATED, to change legislation that WE CREATED, in order to prevent people of the same sex from participating in a tradition that WE CREATED.

Humans have literally created an entire fictional reality from thin air and for some reason can not comprehend the idea of it being changed. These rules and traditions aren’t set in stone. They aren’t universal truths. They don’t extend beyond our species.
Did anyone ever ask themselves why the majority of us decide to get married or have kids?
If it’s something we do just for the sake of it doing it, then why are we so attached to it? It serves absolutely no purpose.

Even morality is a human construct. The only difference is, we created it for the sake of our co-existence, so it’s actually a useful tool. But even that we managed to completely make a mess of, by allowing other human constructs to distort our idea of what is “right or wrong”. You can’t even take two people from the same demographic without their ideas of what is moral being conflicting, simply because of how heavily influenced this construct is by what an individual is exposed to and is willing to accept.

When Colin Kaepernick decided to protest police brutality against minorities, by taking a knee during the American national anthem before an NFL game, the entire country went absolutely mad, and I’ll never understand why. Singing a national anthem doesn’t make this world a better place, yet standing against the mistreatment of others does, so what exactly did the American population have to be mad about?
Nationalism is another concept that I can’t explain. Your national flag is nothing more than fabric, your anthem is nothing more than a song and your country is nothing more than a mass of dirt. Any value you place on those things are entirely sentimental. The fact that nationalism and racism are still issues in the 21st century just absolutely blows my mind. How have we let ourselves be brainwashed to this level?

Our species has no reason to be here, we have no purpose. We just are. We have two choices. We either walk hand in hand into extinction, or we keep going for the sake of it. But if we choose the latter, we need to co-exist. The only way we can do that is by identifying the crucial elements within our fictional reality and letting the rest go. Let’s focus on what actually exists. This planet, and us.

I have faith in humans, If only a little.



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